On my way from work last night, and again on my way to work this morning, I heard news stories on how Bush is asking for record funds for the war. For this year alone, Bush is asking for almost $200Billion. For ONE year.

But nobody on either show, an Air America show and NPR, compared this with the $60Billion over FIVE years – which is $12.5Billion per year – that Bush vetoed for the SCHIP (Childrens Health Insurance) bill.

So the message is really clear. Bush does not care about children, but he does care about war profiteers. George Bush, you are a sick, sick man. And Congress, at least the House, is full of a bunch of people that cower at the thought of making Bush angry, thus not overriding his veto. Congress, if you don’t override his veto, YOU are putting war profiteers above children!

By walterh

One thought on “Has nobody made the connection?”
  1. dang..I thought the “connection” was going to be Obama and Saddam having the same name..”Hussein”.

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