There has been much said about Obama campaigning with anti-gay Reverend Donnie McClurkin, and people are trying to defend Obama “because Clinton did it to. And so did Oprah”, blah, blah, blah. But here’s the thing. You can meet with whomever you want. It is good to meet with the opposition. It’s very much a DIFFERENT set of circumstances to CAMPAIGN with the opposition. I mean look at Hillary, taking money from Rupert Murdoch of FOX fame. This isn’t right. If she were to meet with Murdoch to talk about media conglomerates, etc, that would be fine. If Obama were to talk to McClurkin to discuss GLBT issues, that would be fine. But when you actively take money from, or do campaign appearances with those that oppose you, it sends the wrong message. It shows either A) You don’t really support the group that you said you do or B) it showed that you are willing to compromise your views and values – willing to do anything to get elected.

Both of these are wrong.

The campaign stop with Reverend McClurkin is Obama’s right. But GLBT Americans need to stand up and take notice, because it sends a message that Obama is either a hypocrite on GLBT rights, or he’s two-faced and willing to do anything for money.

America’s GLBT folks – choose your candidate wisely. I think that Melissa Etheridge said it best during the Logo debate that she felt as if the Clinton’s threw her under the bus when she came out. Are YOU willing to blind yourself to the issues so much, that you are allowing yourself to be thrown under the bus willingly?

By walterh

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