I don’t want to jinx anything, but everywhere you turn people are gnashing of teeth and rending of garments (whatever the saying is) about the 2024 election between Biden and Trump and whoever else buys their way into the election.  Why is the media pushing the narrative?  Because they have to sell ads!  And nothing provokes viewership like “ZOMG ARE WE ALL GONNA DIE?!?!?!?!” conjecture every 20 minutes.

Meet Democrat Marilyn Lands from Alabama.  Lands is a Democrat in ruby-red Alabama who won a seat in the Alabama house – during a special election which in itself we know has historically low turnout – running on abortion and IVF rights.  Even during low turnout (the special election  total vote was just 5,951. The 2022 General Election total vote was 14,696 or almost 3 times as much as Land’s win) Land prevailed with that message.  Just like in Ohio.  In Iowa.  In Kansas.  Wherever abortion rights are on the table, Democrats win.

Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives have a game plan for the 2024 General Election.  And as long as that game plan is to run on pro-choice for women, Democrats will win.  So when that newscaster or that relative goes all doom-spiral and wants to take you down with it – don’t.

But we don’t take elections for granted anymore – not after 2016.

We won’t go back.

By walterh

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