Headline: More than half of arrested Portland anti-Trump protesters didn’t vote in Oregon

And while I’m pretty ticked off about it, I absolutely called it last week.

For background, there have been countless protests of hundreds of thousands of people around the United States at the election of Donald Trump for president.  These people took to the streets because they were angry.  Not just because their candidate lost, but because the candidate that won is probably one of the most divisive people to ever seek this nation’s highest office.  Doesn’t matter that he’s said horrible things about women, about minorities, about those of different religious backgrounds, about veterans, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

But regardless of what you criticize him for, we all should have done our civic duty and voted. But one media company has gone out and done some investigation, and it turns out that more than half of the protesters that have been arrested in Portland, Oregon didn’t even vote! Tese actions are the moral equivalent of a straight person saying that a gay person cannot get married. Yes, that’s a harsh thing to say – but it’s the same thing. The straight person shouldn’t have any say in a gay couple’s future that holds any value because they have nothing to do with it. Well, these protesters didn’t even vote, for an election that they are protesting.

I call bullcrap.

By walterh

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