Investing in Democratic Races

Blue circle with a D in it, denoting the Democratic Party of the US

I’ve you’ve ever done any type of investing, the message from those in the know is, “Invest wisely. Don’t let emotion into it and you’ll do fine.” So why don’t we do the same thing with investing in candidates for office? Sure, we all wanted to see McConnell (R-KY) defeated in 2020, and Amy McGrath raised $88,000,000 trying to defeat him (not including the hundreds of millions poured into the race by PACs). And yet McConnell soundly trounced McGrath 57.8% to 38.2%.Sure, we want to get rid of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her kindergartenesque antics. But her district, GA-14, is overwhelmingly Republican. And barring her coming out with some opinion so heinous that even her district wants to get rid of her, she will easily trounce whatever competitor comes her way. Maybe not 74.7% to 25.3% like her 2020 election, but probably not that far off.

Why do we insist on investing in candidates with no hope of winning? Because we are investing with our hearts and not our heads.

This page is to help those of us on the left with where we should be investing our money. It will be updated frequently! Please bookmark and share!

Keep A Seat

Candidates in this section are Democrats in districts that range from D+3 to R+6. Data taken from Cook Political Report, and may or may not reflect 2020 redistricting. You can click on the link for each race to get additional details, including links to the current status of the race per Ballotpedia.

  • IA-03: Cindy Axne – Investment opinion: A+
  • IL-17:open (currently held by a Democrat) – Investment opinion: A+
  • KS-03: Sharice Davids – Investment opinion: A
  • ME-02: Jared Golden – Investment opinion: A
  • MI-07: Elissa Slotkin – Investment opinion: A+
  • MI-08: Dan Kildee – Investment opinion: A+
  • MN-02: Angie Craig – Investment opinion: A+
  • OH-09: Marcy Kaptur – Investment opinion: B
  • OH-13:open (currently held by a Democrat) – Investment opinion: A+
  • PA-07: Susan Wild – Investment opinion: A
  • PA-08: Matt Cartwright
  • PA-17:open (currently held by a Democrat)
  • TX-28: Henry Cuellar
  • TX-34:open (previously held by a Democrat)
  • VA-02: Elaine Luria
  • WA-08: Kim Schrier

Steal A Seat

Candidates in this section are Republicans in districts that range from D+6 to R+2. Data taken from Cook Political Report, and may or may not reflect 2020 redistricting. These could be easy pickups for Democrats if we invest in the right candidate!

  • CA-22: David Valadao
  • CA-27: Mike Garcia
  • CA-45: Michelle Steele
  • CO-08: new seat (2020 redistricting)
  • MI-03: Peter Meijer
  • NC-13: Ted Budd
  • NM-02: Yvette Herrell
  • OH-01: Steve Chabot

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