Okay, this is frustrating as hell, and I’m getting really sick of it.

Republicans have one thing going for them.  They are tools of the highest order, and know just how to work certain situations.  Case in point, the General Patreus situation with MoveOn.org recently.  We all know how that went down; Republicans and half of the thumbsucking Democrats cowered to the right wing blowhard machine and actually VOTED on a resolution that condemned MoveOn.org.  Weak bladdered weasels…

Well the situation is now reversed.  Rush Limbaugh and a caller talked about how any soldier that is anti-war is not a “real soldier”.  They are actually “phony soldiers”.  Then Rush goes and lies about it, trying to cover up the situation like recordings just didn’t exist.  He put out a DOCTORED transcript and audio soundbyte to make him look better.

Time for Democrats to pull a Republican trick and put forth a resolution that CONDEMNED Rush Limbaugh for belittling soldiers who didn’t support the war.  Right?  WRONG.  Instead, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wanted to send a letter to Rush’s boss at ClearChannel.

Write a letter?  Isn’t that what you do when you get bad service at Macys, or a bad salad at Sizzler?  A letter?  Hell, Harry, you JUST went through Republican hell with MoveOn.org.  Couldn’t you have at least called for the same action?

But no…  Harry Reid didn’t.  Now, there is a Representative in the House that is putting forth a resolution HONORING Rush Limbaugh.  Call soldiers phony and cowards, and you get the Congressional freakin’ Medal of Honor!

Democrats – all of you, listen.  Either grow a pair, or hand your office to those of us that will actually STAND UP to these lunatic morons!!!!

By walterh

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