Okay, I think that everyone can agree that Democrats were elected in 2006 to bring about change.  Specifically, people wanted to end the war, and to make Bush and Cheney accountable for their actions.

A year later, Democrats have allowed war funding to continue, and Pelosi and Reid have declared that impeachment is “off the table”.  So how is this mainstream?  The people we elected to put our plans, the plans WE wanted them to do, on hold for their own Bush-supporting agenda.  I mean, besides SCHIP, Democrats have acted just like Republicans for the most part.  And let’s see… Ignoring the will of the American people.  I think last time Congress did that, we impeached a President for getting a blowjob.


There is one thing for certain.  We do have some representatives in Congress that are willing to speak for the majority of us.  My Representative, Earl Blumenauer, while he says the votes aren’t there, does support impeachment.  And Representative Dennis Kucinich is thinking about forcing a parilmentary procedure that will force the House to deal with HR. 333, Kucinich’s bill to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney – which about half of the United States supports.  Kucinich and Blumenauer have also voted against funding for the Iraq war, something that about 70% of the United States population wants.

So who is mainstream?  Yeah, right…

By walterh

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