Romney knows that he’s milquetoast in front of the American public.  He’s also fighting off the “wimp” factor, and yes, there’s still those pesky tax returns that still keep creeping up.  Oh, and his inability to connect with anyone who makes less than $500,000 per year is a bit of a harsh buzz, too.

So he needs someone who can connect with the American public, someone who isn’t seen as a wimp.  Someone that will take the distraction away from his tax returns, while exciting the new (teabagger) base of the Republican party.

That’s why he’s going to choose Donald Trump as Vice President.

Think about it for a minute…  Trump is, mostly an unknown in politics, except for the wingnut teabagger side of the Republican party, so that’ll be a point up. Romney is going to need someone who excites his base, but who isn’t afraid to just go bat-shit crazy and tell lies, which will go over so well with the birthers. And though Trump is out there, he’s not as crazy as Michelle Bachmann, so he’s got that going for him.  The white evangelicals who may be hemming and hawing about Romney’s Mormon roots are going to get behind a Trump VP; that’ll get them to the polling booth when the religion issue might not.

I truly think this is what’ll happen; Trump is someone who will distract from the actual issues of the race, Romney hoping he can slide though until November without having released his tax returns, and not having to attack Obama himself.

We’ll see how it plays out.

By walterh

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