It’s like there’s a gay bashing every other day in the United States.  And it’s got to stop.

People who say that gays aren’t like blacks when it comes to civil rights struggles are wrong.  Because yesterday’s lynching of a black man for talking to a white woman is today’s beating of a woman because she’s a lesbian.  Or attacking a gay male couple just because they’re there, and it’s opportune.  This shit is wrong.  But when is society going to stand up and say “Enough!”

Last weekend, three men broke into a woman’s house, tied her up, carved words into her body, and poured gasoline over her and her house, trying to burn it down.  Luckily the fire didn’t take, and she was able to get out of the house.  But the police have absolutely no suspects.  The woman’s crime?  She’s a lesbian.  A lesbian who lives in a quiet town, in her quiet home, who helped neighbors shovel their snow, rake their leaves, and mowed their lawns.  But these men decided that she deserved to die for that.

Also?  A gay DC couple was ambushed as they walked home and beaten.  Why?  Solely because they were gay.  The beatings weren’t as severe, solely because there was another couple nearby that startled the attackers and interrupted the beating.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of this type of thing happening.  It has no place in our country.  The people that do this are nothing but cowards, lashing out at people they don’t understand.  They should be found, tried, and punished.  Severely.  So much so that they’re made an example of.  And our leaders should take to the airways, take to

By walterh

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