There’re noble things that you do.  Like when Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, then turned to an aid (allegedly) and said, “We have lost the South for a generation.”  See, it was important, and it was right to sign the Civil Rights Act.

Noble acts aren’t just for Presidents, though.  There are ones committed every day.  But there’s one that some may call noble, that I call short-sighted.  And that’s a gay group endorsing Mitt Romney, like the Log Cabin Republicans have.

Sure, there can be gay Republicans, like Fred Karger, who is a good man with good ideas.  But you don’t have to kowtow to your party’s bigotry.  The Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed Mitt Romney, even though he’s badmouthed gay people his whole political career, from saying he’d end hospital visitation rights for gay couples to saying he didn’t care about gay families – to a lesbian mother.

There’s times when people will “hold their nose and vote” for someone.  But gay community support for Mitt Romney goes way beyond that; it’s giving someone your time, money, and vote, and hoping they support you, while knowing that they really think you’re much less than even a second class citizen.

EDIT: The Stonewall Democrats have an excellent blog post on this very subject posted this morning!

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