All along, people “in the know” have known that the only reason Republicans push for identification to vote – putting up the laws that require showing some sort of picture ID in order to cast a ballot – have been to suppress Democratic turnout.  Why?  Because it’s just simple.  The people most apt to not have a photo identification?  The elderly and non-whites.

Today, Republicans came out and admitted it.

The head of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Republican Mike Turzai, admitted (among other things) that:

 Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.

This is disgusting.  Turzai, you should resign.  And any laws you helped pass – including the voter ID one – should be thrown out.  You’re a coward, rigging the fight so it’s not a fair one.

Resign, Turzai!

EDIT: Want to talk to the DOJ about this?  Their contact page is here:

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