So first we had the presidential contest of 2008.  Obama and Clinton were jockeying for support from the GLBT community.  Lots of great things were said, like ending DADT, repealing DOMA.  Where are we, less than six months into the Obama administration?

We, the GLBT community, are under the bus, having been thrown there by President Barack H. Obama.

Yes, we had the beautiful words that came from our candidates to the GLBT community.  Pledges of Employee Non Discrimination Act passage, talk about repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Words about repealing the hateful Defense of Marriage Act.  But now?  The Obama Administration is putting forth arguments like “incest” and “marrying children” as reasons to SUPPORT the hateful DOMA, and kill a lawsuit from a legally married California couple who challenged DOMA.

Obama, why don’t you go and support former Senator Rick Santorum.  Bring up some “man on dog” stuff.  How about that?

Oh how I wish I could get my $2,300 back.

By walterh

One thought on “Obama is losing support from the GLBT community”
  1. On dailykos, there was a comment from someone using the handle americablog. It started with a great sentence: “Elections have consequences, except, of course, when you elect Democrats.”

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