First of all, I know that I don’t speak for the entire GLBT community.  And neither do the guys over at or  But there is a movement afoot, and I hope that it continues to grow.  The Obama DOJ, and Obama himself, need to be held responsible for the hateful DOMA defense brief that was filed last week.  You know, the one that says that “normal” American’s shouldn’t have to pay for the benefits of GLBT married couples, or the statement that preventing same-sex marriage protects us from child marriage, child rape, and incest?  Yeah, that one.

First off, there is the Democratic Party fundraiser with Vice President Joe Biden, among others, at the 10th Annual LGBT Leadership Council Dinner (from the Democratic Party’s LGBT Leadership Council).  This is a dinner that raises a LOT of money off of the GLBT folks to benefit the Democratic party.  Thing is, it appears that the fundraiser itself is falling apart.  It doesn’t sit well when you insult a group of people, then ask them for money.  Blogger Andy Towle and Clinton era gay advocate David Mixner have pulled out, and Mixner has one hell of a response to all the hubub.

Strike two has just been made.  HRC, the Human Rights Campaign, has come out swinging against the hate-filled DOMA brief.  The HRC has not come out against a President this harsh since 1996, when DOMA was put into effect.  And what’s worse (for Obama) is that, according to John Aravosis at, HRC is doing this in a VERY public fashion.  They are calling out Obama and in particular, the citation of incest, etc in the brief.  When HRC is condemining you publicly, watch out.

Now, Senator Harry Reid came out and said that there will be no legislative action to end DADT.  He wants the White House to do it; nobody plans on ending DADT from the Congress.  That would be strike three for Obama.

I would expect this kind of hate-filled argument to come out of the Bush White House.  Indeed, it appears that the author of the DOMA brief is actually a Bush era holdover.  But remember, Obama said (about AIG) that the buck stopped with him.  And I, for one, am holding Obama responsible for this.  Unless he recants and comes to the GLBT community with an apology, many of us will be more than willing to keep our $2,300, not go in to volunteer, and stay home on election day.

By walterh

One thought on “The GLBT community starts to respond to Obama on DOMA”
  1. Why anyone voted for Obama after seeing his numerous lies, I will never know. I am a lesbian, gay woman, who voted for McCain. I had supported Hillary until Obama and the DNC did their little trick of taking away all of Hillary’s earned votes.

    Wake up. Obama is a liar who only wants votes no matter how he gets them. Then he wants to turn your life around and leave you in a country that was once called America.

    Dick Chaney would give better rights for gays than Obama. And I mean that seriously.

    Do no trust Obama or the Dems with anything. They want your support and money but they have their own agenda and it is moving so fast no one can keep up.

    Try communism. Look at what formerly communist countries are writing in their newspapers about obama.

    Obama is so 1970’s communism/socialism while all of the other countries are moving into capitalism.

    Read everything and analyze what Obama says and does and you will see that there is nothing good happening for anyone in this country that he promised to protect and defend.

    In fact, all of the bad things that have happened were part of a plan he has been in for over a decade. Since you didn’t do your research before the election, please stop everything else, do it now, and then make your plans as to how you will help get this country out of the Obama chains that are being wrapped around us all right now.

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