Okay, if you are stuck in a city without anything but hate-filled right-wing radio wackos, you probably listen to NPR if you want to hear some news when you’re in the car.  I turned NPR on this afternoon to Marketplace, where Kai Ryssdol was interviewing someone on the price of oil.   There was a LOT of information in the report that I don’t think most people know.  For instance, did you know that oil, like airplanes, is traded in dollars?  Interesting…

Well what had me start screaming and beating the steering wheel was the next statement the interviewee said.  Essentially it was, “Because oil is traded in dollars, and because the dollar is so low against other currencies, this is the main reason for paying so much for oil.”  I was like WTF?  He went on to explain that, if the US Dollar was equal or closer to parity with the Euro, we would be paying about $80 for a barrel of oil instead of the $132 that we were just days ago.  Let’s see – with the average price per gallon right now at $4.00, that means if oil was $80 per barrel, we would be paying about $2.42 per gallon.

So you need to ask – why is the dollar so devalued?  Let’s see… Well it’s because the US economy is crap, and Bush has been devaluing the dollar by having China and other nations buy up our massive debt that we have accumulated thanks to tax cuts during Bush’s CHOSEN war.  The war that he lied us into (if you believe Scott McClellan’s new book – which many people already knew, but his book is just more proof) and the economy that he has ruined has led us to $4 per gallon gasoline.

Thanks, George!  Rotten bastard…

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