Like many liberals who are generous to the organizations that we support, I just got an email from the DCCC asking for a donation. Did you get it? It’s the one with a request by John Edwards asking for money before the May 31st deadline. Their link that they sent out (at least for me) is:

Okay – that’s fine. But click on the link and THEN check the URL that’s in your address bar. It should – at least it has on both my Mac and PC – resolve itself to this:

SLACKERS? Is the DCC calling us SLACKERS? WTF people?

UPDATE: I just heard from the DCCC.  Apparently some rogue web programmer – who is already on their way out – went through and named many of their programming tags with “funny” names and now that the DCCC knows about it, has been reprimanded.  The URL has been shortened to take the “ackers” out of “slackers”, and now appears as:

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