On the treadmill this morning, I saw a CNN story about how Chelsea was asked about the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and if her mother’s credibility had been hurt by it.  Chelsea did what she – what ANYONE – should.  She said that it was a private affair and none of the person’s business.  Indeed, sex between two consenting adults IS a private affair.  Prostitution may be another thing, but we all know this wasn’t prostitution.  It was a private relationship between two people.  Big freakin’ deal.  If you’re still upset over the whole Clinton/Lewinsky thing from 1998, grow up, get laid and get over it.

I was feeling better about the Clinton family, and then Hillary had to go and ruin it.  Fresh from her embarrassment in embellishment,  she decided to go after Obama and Reverand Wright.


Hillary, I hope that Howard Dean and those in charge of the Democratic Party come down on you HARD.  What you are doing is inexcusable.  If you feel the need to lash out, why don’t you go after John McCain?  You know, after McCain actively went after the support of his spiritual mentor, John Hagee, who said that New Orleans deserved to get hit by Katrina because of a “homosexual parade” that was to happen there.  Oh yeah, and he also called the Catholic Church a “whore” and a “satanic cult”.  See, there’s plenty of fodder there for you to feast on.  But no, Hillary, you have to do everything in your power to make sure there’s not a Democrat in the White House come January 20th, 2009.  Are you that much of a war monger that you want John McCain in there so he can start another republitard war?

Hillary, you have some questionable issues with your religious views and support of religious leaders yourself.  Obama is bigger than that, though.  He wouldn’t stoop that low.  But I sure as hell would – read on, folks!

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