Okay – we all know that political races bring out the oddities.  But this one takes the cake.  In a private fundraiser, Hillary Clinton reached out and collectively thumped MoveOn.org, among others for being “too radical” and “on the fringe”.

Let’s see…  What’s the history of MoveOn.org?  Oh yeah, I remember.  It was a group of activists that got together when the Lewinsky drama was going full bore, to get the Congress to MOVE ON and GET OVER IT.  They were there so that Bill Clinton and the Country would be able to move forward.  In a way, they were supporting the Clintons in trying to end the drama.

So an organization that was borne out of the frustrations of the Lewinsky scandal, and supported the Clintons, and THEY are “too radical”.  Oh piss off, Hillary.  The more you move to the right, the more and more you end up looking like Joe Lieberman.

By walterh

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