Okay, didn’t we have this conversation back in 1992?  And there was a Bush in the White House, and a Clinton trying to get in, if I’m not mistaken as well…

The top issue for the 2008 election in the minds of the voters, according to polls, is the economy.  Yes, the economy.  You know, having to decide between heating your house and getting your prescription refilled?  Trying to figure out how to save on gas so you can get to work, for wages that are stagnant?

Well here is all you need to know.  John McCain has said, on multiple occasions (in 2005, as well as 2007), he just doesn’t understand the economy.  We have had eight years of Bush and his “well handling” of the economy – you know, tax breaks for millionaires and McCain is right there with him to keep on doing the stupid stuff.  So why even consider voting Republican?  Think about your already diminished pocketbook.

Democrats have put forth plans – both Obama and Clinton.  Thing is, the Democratic plans actually deal with helping INDIVIDUALS, whereas Republican plans are all about tax cuts for corporations, etc.  Remember Chevron, Exxon, etc reaping record profits, but getting tax cuts?  Did that help out individuals?  No.  Bush did it for his cronies.  The Democratic plan to deal with the subprime mortgage issue that’s going on would allow for bankruptcy judges to re-write mortgage contracts to the benefit of the borrowers.  That would be good for individuals, right?  Well, yeah.  We wouldn’t have so many foreclosures, and people wouldn’t be homeless or thrown out of their homes.  What could be better, eh?

Bush hates the idea.  Yeah.  Read the article that talks about the plan and Bush’s tantrum over it.  He calls it a “bailout” to the companies that lend the money.  WTF?  Didn’t WE THE TAXPAYERS just bail out Bear Stearns?

*sigh*  Is the 2008 race over?  Isn’t Bush out of the White House yet?

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