It was only a matter of time.  After all, there have been all sorts of whispers going on about Obama’s candidacy, both on the Republican and Democratic side.  Then it came out that the reverend at Obama’s church (who just retired), who is an older black man (and who, being an older black man, knows a thing or two about what our African American brothers and sisters went through during the civil rights movement).  I’m not black – I’m part white and part American Indian – so I cannot say that I know what it’s like growing up black in this country.  But I think we all have some things to learn about the civil rights era, and the subtle racism that continues even to this day.

So, to touch on that racism, Republicans are starting to work overtime.  As I was driving on Sunday night, some Republitard talk show host out of Minneapolis was saying all sorts of weird crap about Obama.  The worst  was when he said, “Well I’m not saying he’s a black man that’s going to kill you in your sleep” and other such innuendo crap.

Now some guy who’s worked in Republitard talk radio (you know, the “No Fact Zone”) has put together a viral video that pits Obama in with Malcom X, rap music, and the African American athletes that gave the “Black Power” salute at the Olympics.  Nothing like doing the subtle racism calls to white America.  I’m just wondering why Hillary isn’t in on it.  *sigh*

These guys have no shame.

By walterh

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