When Clinton, who has won about half of the contests of Obama (Obama came out on top in 27 contests, Clinton in 14), and who is 130 delegates behind Obama (Obama 1608 to Clinton’s 1478), began belittling Obama and praising John McCain, people became upset.  She said she and McCain had “passed the test” for the Presidency, but she didn’t know about Obama.  (psst, Barack – there’s a test for the presidency posted here, just click the link!).  Now Clinton has started talking about a “dream ticket” where she is President and Obama is her Vice Presidential running mate.

Wait, What?

Apparently he’s not good enough to be President, but he’s good enough to be a heartbeat away as Vice President.  She can’t trust him, but if something were to happen to her, she trusts him enough to be there if need be.  WTF?

So, Hillary, I have a few questions for you.  Did LBJ turn to Kennedy when LBJ was trailing and say, “How about you be my running mate, me on top?”.  Hells no.  Did Pappy Bush turn to Ronald Reagan when Bush won a few states (and Reagan came in third behind Bush and Anderson) and say, “I like the cut of your jib.  Join me – just fall in line behind me”.  Again, Hells no.  So why is it that Hillary thinks it’s okay to do this?  I’m glad that Obama called her on it.

So maybe she does have balls after all…just not an adams apple, like Ann Coulter.

By walterh

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