There have been so man damn debates, who is paying attention to them all?  I’m trying to, but it’s not always easy.

Last night’s Democratic debate was monumental, and I’ll tell you why.  Though I could not watch the debate due to my hotel not having the channel, I looked for coverage this morning.  I was thoroughly dumbstruck, though, by what I heard on Bloomberg television as I got ready this morning.  The news was that the top three candidates, Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, would NOT commit to pulling the troops out by the end of 2012, if they were elected President.


So if you are serious about wanting out of Iraq, look at the other candidates.  Kucinich said that the troops would all be out by April 2009.  Well, he actually said April 2007, and when the gaffe was pointed out, said he wanted to be President so bad and bring out troops home so much, that he just plained goofed.

Still supporting Hillary, Barack, or John?  Reconsider, if Iraq and our soldiers are important to you!

By walterh

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