You know the corporate media is going to hell when you get most of your best news from  Know Fark?  It’s a great little spot on the web – but I digress.

Anyway, apparently in a rush to get a copy of Bush’s speech to the United Nations, a copy that spelled out the pronunciations of some leaders and countries were inadvertantly left in.  Awww, does Der Furher not know how to say you-NITE-ed NAY-shuns?

When asked if the President had a difficult time pronouncing names, Spokesliar Dana Perino said the question was “offensive”, and refused to comment on it.

Well, Ms. Perino, I think the whole damn Bush presidency has been offensive!

Perino did get one thing right.  She said, “There was an error made.”  Of course I guess she was talking about the Supreme Court selecting Bush as the president in 2000, no?

But my favorite coverage of the UN speech came from the New York Sun.  To quote from their article:

Mr. Bush highlighted human rights violations by the regimes in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Belarus, Iran, and Syria, visibly irritating their leaders. The Cuban delegation to the assembly debate walked out in protest. “Bush is responsible for the murder of over 600,000 civilians in Iraq,” the Cubans said in statement. “He is a war criminal and has no moral authority or credibility to judge any other country.

We are now taking hits for Bush’s idiocy from Cuba?  JFK must be rolling in his grave…

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