This sounds quite nasty here, and there’s no way to know the entire story.  What we do know is that a 74 year old man who was selling “Impeach Him” buttons at a farmers market in Maryland, and had been doing so for months is no longer welcome to do so.  He said he had MANY supporters, and one couple who said that not supporting Bush was “supporting the terrorists”.  So after months, the retiree was told that he was trespassing, and had to leave.  Then, this weekend, Alan McConnell went back to sell his buttons again.  The police had him arrested.

Nice, eh?  Now like I said, I don’t know the whole story.  Some people thought McConnell was too aggressive.  Hmm… A public open market WITHOUT aggressive sellers?  Yeah, right.  One marketer was complaining that McConnell was not selling items meant for a farmers market.  Hmmm.  What about all of those booths with pictures for sale, or the guy who does balloon animals.  Are you saying balloon animals ARE farmers market goods?  And no one has yet said if you actually need a permit or not to sell.  Most farmers markets do NOT – at least the ones that I have been to.

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