Actually, it looks like they can be pretty stupid, it turns out.  As I was checking some election news out on Yahoo!, when I saw the headline “Arnold for President”.  Of course I clicked on it, and it took me to a special section over on Yahoo! to talk about Arnold’s 60th birthday on 60 Minutes.  I was thankful that it was just an exaggerated ad – until I saw the online poll, “Would you vote for Arnold for President?”.

Does anyone remember Arnold’s 20something approval rating in California, and the only reason that he won reelection was because the top two Democrats tore each other up and both lost all credibility with the public?  No?  I guess not.  That’s why 61% of people (as of this writing) say they would vote for Arnold.  Get over there and give your two cents!

The good news is that according to the Constitution, Arnold can NOT be President.  Of course back in 2004, Orrin Hatch (R. Utah) was pushing a bill to allow naturalized citizens to run for President.  Thank goodness that’s not passed.  Then again, with how Bush has trivialized the Constitution, who knows what Republicans will try.

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