I’m originally from Alaska, where I got into politics. I once snubbed a Governor of Alaska because of his corruption, refusing to shake his hand during a photo-op at the visitors center I was volunteering in. I also had an incident where I confronted former Senator Frank Murkowski about lax airport security – back in the late 1980s. Alaska is no stranger to corrupt politicians.

So it warms my heart to know that not only is Senator Ted “I support the $300Million bridge to nowhere” Stevens under investigation because VECO, an oil company, paid for the remodeling of his house, but now Alaska’s sole Representative in the House, Don Young, is under investigation for campaign finance irregularities.

But wait a minute.  The article over in the Guardian says that Young is “the second member of Alaska’s three-person congressional delegation under scrutiny”.  Perhaps the Guardian doesn’t know that Senator Lisa Murkowski is under scrutiny for a land deal she did last year, where she purchased prime riverfront property for much less than market value.

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