I was about to head to bed, when I saw the story that Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s bill to ban permanent bases in Iraq passed.  Very good news!  Okay, so it’s mostly symbolic, but it is still another stab in the heart of George Bush’s plan for staying in Iraq forever.  Because it had overwhelming support on both sides of the aisle, the bill passed 399 to 24.  I wonder how it’ll go over in the Senate.  Probably another bill blocked by the Republican blockers in the Senate, like normal.

And while we’re at it, Tony Snow – are you on blow?  In his press briefing, he accused Democrats of doing things just for show instead of the “normal business of trying to pass major pieces of legislation“.  Let’s see.  All major legislation in the Senate is blocked by Republican obstructionists.  How the hell are Democrats supposed to pass legislation when all you and your like block it?

By walterh

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