What a load of horse crap! *sigh*

I read the transcript of the Republican debate of last night. The question of the night – at least for me – was if the candidates would pardon Scooter Libby for the crime he was convicted of earlier that day. The response from the majority of the leaders? A handful said no or said they would have to “read the transcript” – and seemed to cower in their response. The biggies, however, tried to say that absolutely no crime had been committed, or that it was a political vendetta. Well now – I have something they can read. How about the Newsweek article that unequivocally states that Plame WAS a covert agent? The candidates decided based on news of that day what they would do – pardon or no – but chose NOT to listen to the Newsweek article of just a few days previous. What a load.

Here’s the rundown:

Rep. Hunter: Gave a total mishmash answer, not answering the question. He went off about trade policy with China and making the Republican party base stronger.

Rep. Paul: No, would not pardon.

Mr. Gilmore: States he is “steeped in the law”, so he wouldn’t. What do you know, an honest Republican for once.

Rep. Hunter: Weaseled out with “No, not without reading the transcript”.

Mr. Huckabee: Must have loved Rep. Hunter’s answer, because it’s almost word for word.

Sen. McCain: WEASEL! Said that Libby was going through an appeal process. Does this man have to weasel everything to try and not piss anyone off, only so he can eek out just one more vote somewhere?

Mr. Giuliani: Lord, if I would have been watching this live, I would have lost my lunch. Giuliani not only wouldn’t shut up, saying it was basically a political witch-hunt, but also that there was absolutely no crime involved. Hey Rudy? Give me your mailing address so I can get you a subscription to Newsweek. Then, after ALL of his diarrhea of the mouth, Rudy WEASELED OUT! He decided to pull a McCain and wait for the appeal.

Mr. Romney: Well, he started out good, stating he was afraid to overturn a jury’s decision. THEN he decided to let us know that he knows more than anyone about the case, and it was someone else’s fault, not Libby’s, and that Libby was the victim of a political witch hunt as well.

Sen. Brownback: Surprise, surprise – mister “too many lesbians in our public school bathrooms” says that there was no crime involved.

Mr. Thompson: IT’S ALL CLINTON’S FAULT! Well, not exactly, but ol’ Bill apparently got of scott free when he lied about having a consensual sexual relationship with a willing partner, so why shouldn’t Libby get off for committing treason?

Rep. Tancredo: Why yes, he would pardon Scooter!

So there you go. Of the 11 Republican candidates, most are of the Bush/Rove-ian state of mind that if they say something untrue enough times that it’ll somehow stick. Nice try, boys, but no vegetation rolled cancer stick.

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