Bush just put out a statement condeming Iran – yes Iran, not Iraq – for holding US citizens.  Quoting Bush, “Several of our fellow American citizens — including Haleh Esfandiari, Parnaz Azima, Kian Tajbakhsh, and Ali Shakeri — are being held against their will by the Iranian regime. I strongly condemn their detention at the hands of Iranian authorities. They should be freed immediately and unconditionally.” This is one of the first times I agree with Bush.  They should be released.  But that brings up the question, what about the Iranian hostages that we took almost six months ago?  Are we, the US, going to release those hostages?  Good ol’ Condi said back in January, hours after they were taken, that the US wouldn’t stand for Iran meddling in Iraqi matters.  Well now – looks like the US is meddling in Iranian matters!  We can’t stand it if they bother us, but we couldn’t care less what people think when we bother them!

By walterh

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