People have asked me what I think about the immigration debate, and the whole guest worker program that Bush is coming up with.  It’s dividing everyone – just listen to “babe” (per Rush Limbaugh) Stephanie Miller.  Her show is the BEST, and helps get me going in the morning.  But lately Stephanie and her two self described mooks, especially Chris, have been debating this whole thing, with good points on both sides.

I’m a bit of the “they broke the law coming here illegally”, but also want to be compassionate at the same time.  Sorry, it’s the compassionate part of me that comes through.  I found a good commentary on the Black America Web page located here, discussing how a guest worker program will not only hurt existing populations in the United States, but also puts those guest workers at risk.  You can tell when someone hits a nerve – just read some of the comments from the public in response to the commentary.

But to me, it all comes down to one thing.  The guest worker program is nothing but a racist tool promoted by Bush as a favor to big business.  Think of it this way.  Bush says it’s okay to bring foreign workers in to come work in the fields and clean our toilets.  Well, if it’s a guest worker program, then take it full force.  But do you think that Bush would support allowing Arab men to come in and fly our planes?  Oh hells no.  So it’s all about big business making more profit by creating a subclass of people in the United States, and keeping wages down, and catering to the racial biggots.  That’s really all it is, and that’s why I don’t think it should be passed.

By walterh

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