I’m working nights these days, so haven’t had a chance to catch up on what’s going on.  But the headline “Senate Republicans block vote on Gonzales” caught my eye as I went to lunch.  What a crock of crap!  We have an Attorney General who’s hands are FILTHY from the whole prosecutor firings, and the only thing we can count on the Republicans to do is to help cover it up!

These Republicans would not know a scandal if was staring them in the face – unless of course it’s a Democrat involved.  Such right-wing crap.

First thing we do is get another Democratic Senator in place.  We can do that, or rather Democratic Governor Dave Freudenthal can.  Wyoming lost one of their Senators, a republican.  Freudenthal can name a Democratic successor – at least I think he can.  That way Democrats can stop whining every time Joe Lieberman looks at them crosseyed.

Then, since we cannot hold a no-confidence vote, I say we start impeachment proceedings against Gonzales.  Hell – we may not have the number of votes to do it in the Senate, but people forget about the whole Clinton scandal.  Republicans didn’t have the votes to get rid of Clinton, but that sure as hell didn’t stop them from impeaching him in the House and letting the measure die in the Senate.  What happened to principals, man?   What happened to doing things because they were RIGHT, rather than only doing it if you had the votes?

If our Democratic leaders can’t see what the right thing to do is, no matter if they have the votes or not, then they are NOT acting in our best interest, and should be replaced by TRUE Democratic and Progressive leaders that WILL fight for what is right, not just what is supported by the opposition.

By walterh

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