Haven’t been blogging on here as much, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to what’s going on.  And there’s an undercurrent that’s quite disturbing when you think about it.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump benefitted from Russian interference in the 2016 election.  And even though Kushner (who should NOT have a security clearance) said of their interference that it was “just a few Facebook ads” – which we know is demonstrably false – even accepting this type of information is illegal.  But Republicans don’t care.  Why?  Because of the old adage, “IOKIYAR” – It’s Okay If You’re A Republican.

Thing is, it’s continuing.  Russian influence infiltrated the US public opinion back in 2016, and has continued through to this day.  There are still Russian bots and troll farms operating trying to damage anything positive that Democrats are doing, and pumping up Trump.  Just a couple of days ago, Trump complained that he lost 204,000 followers who were actual spambots running an agenda that is pro-Trump and anti-anyone else.

If Russian interference had caused Clinton to win instead of Trump, people like Lindsey Graham and Rush Limbaugh would be screaming so loud even the dead would hear them.  But since it helped Republicans?  Crickets.

By walterh

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