So right now we have at least 21 declared candidates for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.  They vary in age from the youngest at 37 (Mayor Pete) to the oldest at 88 (Senator Mike Gravel).  It’s probably the most diverse crowd ever, but still more than half of them are white men.  As new coverage goes, the white men tend to get the most coverage.  It’s hard to put into words, but yet it was brilliantly tweeted, as evidenced below:


Couldn’t have said it more perfectly, right?

The good thing is, that polling is showing that Democrats are ahead of Trump.  In multiple head-to-head matchups, Trump is beaten more often than not.  And while Trump’s campaign manager wants to try and flip New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada (of which they have very little chance – but don’t think they won’t resort to cheating and/or dirty tricks), the thing that they don’t tell you is that right now, Biden beats Trump in the great state of Texas.  Yes, we’ve been talking about Texas turning purple over the last few years.  But we seem to be at a point where Trump is so unpopular that we even might be able to flip Texas.

And all I know is this:  I’m personally for Mayor Pete, because it would be good to see an unabashed intellectual in the White House again (I miss Obama).  But whomever ends up being the nominee is who I’m going to vote for.  Period.

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