So we know that Trump and his stooges in Congress are doing everything that they can to steal from everyday Americans and enrich themselves.  You know, like the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy that screws everybody but the super wealthy?  Yeah.

And yet, it gets worse.

Trump has pulled out of the Iran deal, listing lots of dubious reasons.  The Washington Post has a really good write-up on it if you want to read about it.  But the Iran deal affects lots of people in the United States, as well as other people around the world.  Why?  Because by pulling out of the deal, he’s canceling out $38 billion in aircraft deals alone.  Part of the deal was to allow Iran to modernize their aircraft fleet, which Boeing and Airbus were part of.  They were awarded $38 billion in contracts to help modernize air traffic in Iran.  But now that the deal has gone by the wayside, that contract is now null and void.

What does that mean?  That’s $38 billion in jobs that are no longer going to happen in the United States.  $38 billion puts a lot of food on the table for American families. $38 billion supports a lot of kids in schools.  $38 billion is a lot of money that goes into the communities where Boeing and Airbus have plants.  But that $38 billion has just gone up in smoke, because Donald Trump is a short-sighted man with no political experience beyond bitching about people on Twitter.

Donald Trump won’t be happy until he fucks over the entire American economy, looting as much as he can for himself and giving the big “F U” to the rest of us.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

By walterh

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