This is somewhat of a sad story – but it really makes me want to laugh!

In Oregon, like most states, there has been a big push to cover for revenues that have slacked off because of the recession.  Paying for things like a District Attorney is something that people don’t really think of that highly.  Hell, only 29% of people in a recent survey consider lawyers to be a “popular” subject (as opposed to our do-nothing Congress, that comes in at 9% in that same survey).  I mean, who needs a District Attorney?

Uh, WE DO!  DUH!

The people of Josephine County, Oregon, found themselves in a bit of a budget hole when a Federal timber study expired.  And as the case happened, the issue went to the voters – who voted down raising their taxes to help pay for things like the District Attorney’s office.  And what was the result?  Crime has skyrocketed, while convictions have plummeted.

Again, DUH!

Grants Pass, Oregon saw their crime rate from burglaries go up 50%, whereas the rest of the county went up 45%.  At the same time, prosecutions went down 42%.  And the DA’s office went from nine lawyers down to four.

I guess people would rather sit at home and watch Law & Order rather than actually deal with it in their communities.  Seriously – hoisted by their own petard.

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