Justice Thomas,

I know that you are not a man that finds himself on the liberal or progressive side of arguments.  And I know that you sit on the one of the most important courts in America.  But I’m asking you to stand up for your fellow citizens just this once; your LGBT brethren.

Justice Thomas, you’ve been married twice, when I can’t get married once.  And your second marriage, in 1987, was to a caucasian woman named Virginia Lamp.  I know you know that, but many people don’t.  Here’s a recent picture that was taken of both of you:

Justice Thomas, you and your wife look so very happy there!

So can you please tell me why it is I am not allowed that same happiness?  I’m a gay man, who has been in a relationship with the same man for over 21 years.  That’s not quite as long as your marriage to Ginni, your second wife – but it’s almost twice as long as your first marriage.

There’s also a little something about the year you got married.  See, it was 1987.  That’s significant.  Why?  Because 1987 was the twenty year anniversary of 1967’s Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia, in which interracial marriage was declared constitutional. Because the Supreme Court acted the right way in 1967, you were able to marry Virginia “Ginni” Lamp in 1987.  See?  That’s another connection right there.  Loving v. Virginia and your wife, named Virginia.

It’s 2013, and a few days ago you heard arguments for and against California’s Proposition 8, and the US law DOMA.  The previous generation’s Supreme Court saw to it that you could marry the person you love.  How about you and your fellow Justices follow suit in June 2013, and make sure that gays and lesbians are allowed to marry the one that they love?

What say you, Justice Thomas?

By walterh

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