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Something rotten is definitely going on in the state of Tennessee.  Specifically when it comes to being black and/or being a registered Democrat.  There’s so much that it’s really ugly, and my friend Bev Harris has all the details over at  I just want to pull two things from the article.  The first is the summary of findings she posted from the Democratic party’s investigation:

“Data analysts came to this conclusion by comparing two separate, statewide voter file updates provided by the office of the Coordinator of Elections. The files ]] released in December 2011 and May 2012 respectively ]] contain updated voting records for every registered voter in the state of Tennessee. Excluding purged voters, all of the voting history included in the December 2011 voter file should be included in the May 2012 voter file. However, a side by side comparison of the voter files found the following discrepancies between the December and May updates:

– 7,036 voters lost their 2010 Voting History;
– 5,993 voters lost their 2008 Voting History;
– 1,771 voters lost both their 2010 and 2008 Voting History;
– 43 Voters lost their entire voting history.

…”the data shows the problem is widespread, affecting 11,258 voters in 69 different counties in just the last five months.”

And the second is from the racial breakdown of the state versus those pulled from the voter rolls, showing a disproportionate number of blacks removed from the voter rolls.

The overall racial distribution for voters who show up both in 2005 and 2006 databases is:
Black: 38%
White: 40%
No Racial Identifier: 22%

The racial distribution for voters incorrectly transferred to Inactive status was
Black: 43%
White: 31%
Total skew: 14% (5% over + 9% under normal distribution)

This crap is just plain wrong. Head over to and check it out.

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