So there’s a pastor in North Carolina that recently told his congregation that he favors taking gay people and putting them behind an electrified fence, where they’ll starve to death.  “Maybe” drop some food in once in a while – to the “lesbians” pen.

This is a disgusting outrage.  But where’s the outrage?  His congregation backs the man.

If any liberal person said they wanted to “round up every Christian and put them in a pen until they die off”, every single religious leader – plus just about every single American – would be up in arms.  It wouldn’t be tolerated.

So why is it tolerated when the same words are used against gay people?

This is beyond bullshit.  Not only does this horrid man need to be rebuked by his peers, he needs to be rebuked by the entire nation!

But that won’t happen.  Why?  Because he’s advocating violence against gay people.  And apparently that’s okay in today’s America.

By walterh

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