This picture is savagely disgusting, but it proves a point.

The point?  This is what happens when you pass laws codifying religion – one specific group of people pushing to have laws passed based on their religion.  In the above case, it’s Islamic law.  But how is this different than groups like National Organization for Marriage or Presidential candidates like Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum who push their interpretation of marriage from the bible to urge the passing of laws, desiring to make discrimination against gays and lesbians the law of the land?

It doesn’t.  It’s exactly the same.

The above picture is an extreme example of this, but it is exactly the same thing.  Think of it this way.  There are 1,500,000 Hindus in the United States.  Hindus consider cows to be sacred.  Would it be right for Hindus to push to have laws making the keeping, slaughtering, and eating of cattle illegal?  No it wouldn’t.  And that is exactly no different than people trying to push their interpretation of the Christian bible as laws in the United States.

You can have your personal point of view; that’s fine.  Every single person is entitled to their opinion without being oppressed.  But justifying discrimination against a group of people because of a set of personal beliefs?  That is itself oppression.  And we shouldn’t tolerate it here in the United States.

By walterh

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