I’m so sick and tired of the stupid, narrowminded crap that passes for a political message these days.  Yes, what Representative Anthony Weiner did was a distraction.  Yes, it’s an annoyance.  But for the establishment, including DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to call for Weiner’s resignation?  Please do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

What Weiner did WAS NOT AGAINST THE LAW.  It is an inconvenience.  It’s a distraction.  But again, NOT AGAINST THE LAW.  He’s a stupid man.  Men lie when it comes to sex.  They always have, and they always will.  Deal with it.

We’re not the puritanical society that these people want us to be, and I don’t hold political leaders to any other standard than I would a stranger on the street (though in this day and age, I’d probably be nicer to a stranger on the street than a Congressperson).  Get over it and move on.  This is a distraction that’s keeping you from doing your jobs.  And to the media?  Same thing – STFU.  Who cares?

But here’s the hypocrisy of the situation: All of the Republicans who are calling on Weiner to resign haven’t said SHIT about Republican David Vitter.  Senator Vitter (R-LA), who actually broke the law by using a callgirl service.  He did far worse than Weiner ever did, and yet Republicans start whistling like nothing’s going on when you bring that up.

By walterh

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