I just love this…  So yesterday John Huntsman go into the GOP 2012 Presidential race.  Sure, his message of “Let’s get out of Afghanistan” is going to be overshadowed by the impending announcement by the President tonight.  But you know what couldn’t stand?  Huntsman’s statement that he respected President Obama.  Republicans didn’t like that at all.

Huntsman doesn’t seem to want to get into the whole “social conservative” meme that most Republicans do.  You know, like when serial-adulterer Newt Gingrich says that gays are going to destroy the world if they’re allowed the same civil rights as regular people.  Huntsman was noncommittal when it came to New York’s impending vote on marriage equality.  Imagine that.  A Republican who’s for states rights, even those states rights that Republican don’t agree with!  How in the hell could they allow that?

So Hannity went after Huntsman, questioning his Republican credentials.  After all, if he’s not anti-gay like the rest of the Republican field is (sans Fred Karger, a gay Republican who’s also running but is being ignored), how does he expect the anti-gay Republican base to support him?

Hannity, you’re a douchecanoe.

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