Seriously.  I want to ask this question of Republicans.  What, exactly, are gay people to them?

A few weeks ago, The Advocate, a leading GLBT magazine, posted a story about how Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) was so ga-ga to meet Chris Colfer, the actor from Glee (he plays Kurt).  She got a photo-op with Darren Criss, a straight man playing a gay teenager, but they couldn’t find Chris, though they desperately wanted to.  Bachmann said:

“We don’t watch TV, generally speaking. But the kids were thrilled. What kids don’t watch Glee?”

Okay, that’s cool.  But wait a minute.  Another headline from screamed another Bachmann story this afternoon.  What was the headline?  It was “Michele Bachmann Encourages More Inequality“; it was a story about how Michele, a Tea Party favorite, got up in front of a bunch of supporters and said that she thinks “marriage is under fire” from the gays, and she’s glad that there’s going to be a ballot measure in 2012 to try and outlaw marriage equality in Minnesota.


I’m sorry for my profanity, but it’s all I can do to keep from screaming.  Bachmann loves a television show that has gay characters on it that she wants to get pictures with the cast, but in the same breath, demonizes gay people for having the audacity to desire equal rights under the law.  Representative Bachmann: What are we?  Just play things that are here on the Earth to amuse you?  Things that you want to entertain you, but you don’t think should have the same rights as everyone else?  You know what you are, Bachmann?  You’re not only a hypocrite, but you’re a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being.

Chris Colfer did an interview, saying how he doesn’t really mind the hypocrisy, but that he’s doing the photo-ops, etc for GLBT rights.  Here’s the thing Chris: They don’t care about you.  They’ll take your picture and use it for their own messed up being, but turn around and curse you in the name of their religion the first chance they get.  Maybe I’m just old and crotchety, but I wouldn’t be as kind as Colfer; I’d tell them to take a hike.

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