Boycotting Arizona – to make it hurt!

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By now everyone has heard about the new Arizona law that allows racial profiling – basically it’s a crime to be brown-skinned in Arizona.  And cops can decide who and what to do about it.  PAPERS, PLEASE!

Of course there are talks of boycotting Arizona, and the predictable “1,000,000 against Arizona’s new law” type groups on Facebook.  But there is one group that is actually doing something – and it may just work.

You see, back in 1993, Arizona decided it would not recognize the new Martin Luther King, Jr holiday.  And as such, the NFL pulled out the Superbowl from Arizona.  That hurt.  It was a big black eye, both tourism-wise, and money-wise.  They lost a lot of money because of that.  Well turns out that the 2011 MLB All Star Game is going to be in Arizona next year.  That pulls a lot of tourists, and a lot of money.  But the MLB Players Association wants to do something about that.

Having a large number of Hispanic players – and players from outside the United States – the MLBPA put out word that it objects to the Arizona law, and is calling for a boycott, and the 2011 All Star Game to be moved.  This could work.  This could REALLY work.  Hitting people in their pocketbooks sometimes is the only way to do it.

Thing is, ALL sports need to join in, both condemning the law, as well as boycotting Arizona.  My sport of choice, ice hockey, is represented by the just-ousted from the playoffs Phoenix Coyotes.  Wouldn’t it be huge if the NHL said that it would boycott Arizona?  If the NBA and NFL, and then other smaller organized sports like the WNBA and MLS followed suit?  Sports make money.  And depriving Arizona of money would make that message loud and clear.

So let’s hear it.  The NHL is made up of 80% foreign nationals.  Many other leagues are similar.  So let’s boycott Arizona.  Let’s make it financially HURT!

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