Note: I normally can control my temper, but this really pisses me off.

The AFA has been pushing their right-wing hate-filled bigoted agenda for YEARS.  So now that gays and lesbians have a chance to be PROTECTED under the law for people who try to hurt/bash/endanger/kill them for simply being gay, the AFA is up in arms.  And the tactics that they are using are DISGUSTING.

Take a look at the link the AFA just sent out.  Go ahead, read the list.  Congress is protecting sexual orientation in hate crimes legislation.  But the AFA drags out a list of not only sexual orientations (which, they include “heterosexuality” in their list of the “perverted” things being protected – go figure, morons!), but sexual activities, most of which nobody except the perverts at the AFA think about.  I mean, who in the hell sits around thinking about “klismaphilia” besides the AFA?  Do they get off on this kind of stuff?

As a gay man, and as someone who has been a VICTIM of a crime due to my sexual orientation, I take massive offense to Wildmon and his actions.  Reverend Don, you stupid fucking hate-peddler: until you have been chased down the road and beaten with baseball bats simply because someone thinks you were gay, you can shut the fuck up.

By walterh

2 thoughts on “The AFA can bite my shiny metal ass”
  1. If you want to be gay that is your business but you do not deserve special treatment because you are a freak. I will not beat you because you are sick and diseased. But, I also will not give you special treatment by passing special laws for a very, very small part of our population. If a straight man and a gay are beat by the same group of men they should not receive a more severe punishment for beating the gay than the straight man!!! The beating of the gay should not be treated as a hate crime. It is wrong to beat any person regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation or any other reason for that matter. We currently have laws on the books to deal with such situations. We do not need Caesar doling out special treatment for each and every group that comes along.

    For a large portion of my life I was picked on, harassed and even beat because I was overweight . . . no differnet than your being gay!!! I did not and would never consider asking the government on any level to give me special treatment and you have no right to do the same.

  2. Wow, “Your average middle class male”, responding from work on a Comcast Business IP address in Washington, DC. Threatening violence is only the first aspect of a disturbed mind. Get help.

    If two people are beaten at the same time, and one just happens to be gay, guess what? That’s not a hate crime! That’s two people being beaten up at the same time. But what about people chasing down a suspected gay man and beating him? You know, like this man, or this man, or this man, or this trans-man, or this woman, or this woman.

    You know what the irony is here? As an overweight person, YOU HAD SPECIAL RIGHTS! But those gays… No, they don’t deserve anything. Yeah, right.

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