The AFA can bite my shiny metal ass

Note: I normally can control my temper, but this really pisses me off.

The AFA has been pushing their right-wing hate-filled bigoted agenda for YEARS.  So now that gays and lesbians have a chance to be PROTECTED under the law for people who try to hurt/bash/endanger/kill them for simply being gay, the AFA is up in arms.  And the tactics that they are using are DISGUSTING.

Take a look at the link the AFA just sent out.  Go ahead, read the list.  Congress is protecting sexual orientation in hate crimes legislation.  But the AFA drags out a list of not only sexual orientations (which, they include “heterosexuality” in their list of the “perverted” things being protected – go figure, morons!), but sexual activities, most of which nobody except the perverts at the AFA think about.  I mean, who in the hell sits around thinking about “klismaphilia” besides the AFA?  Do they get off on this kind of stuff?

As a gay man, and as someone who has been a VICTIM of a crime due to my sexual orientation, I take massive offense to Wildmon and his actions.  Reverend Don, you stupid fucking hate-peddler: until you have been chased down the road and beaten with baseball bats simply because someone thinks you were gay, you can shut the fuck up.

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