First of all, there’s a website that I need to add to my blogroll, and that’s SenateGuru.  They are pretty awesome – and this makes it much more so!  First off, there is an extensive interview with Oregon Dem Jeff Merkley, who is going up against Bush scapegoat/apologist Gordon Smith.  Merkley is up in recent polls – hopefully he will retire the only West Coast Republican Senator.

And speaking of Gordon Smith, read the “Weekend Catchup” article that SenateGuru put out.  This is pretty telling!  Liberal media my ass… Smith basically says that he didn’t go to the Republican convention during his last election.  Um, like SenateGuru points out, that was 2002.  Senator Smith, that’s kind of a low blow seeing as how there wasn’t a convention that year.  But make no mistake, he was at the 2000 and 2004 conventions!

Obfuscate much, Senator?

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