Just doing a cursory search, there is an article on the New York Times website that states about the “Bridge to Nowhere”, which Palin is trying to say she killed:

When Congress removed the earmarks for the bridges in 2005, it still gave the state the money, but it allowed Alaskan officials to decide how to spend it. The state reserved about $200 million for the proposed bridges, far less than the construction costs but enough to show that there was serious intent to complete the projects. Some environmental and planning work has already been done.

So, Governor…  You killed the project, but pocketed the money anyway?  I know that you, Sarah Palin, PERSONALLY pocketed per diem money when you were on “state business” but slept in her own bed.  (Um, if I did that, not only would my client throw me off the project, but I would probably be fired!).  But lying about the bridge to nowhere money in highly televised campaign events, yet secretly keeping it – and even doing some of the bridge work?  Outrageous…

By walterh

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