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During the Clinton/Gore era, the Republican congress was ALL over the two. Sometimes valid, sometimes not (actually, most times not). Charges were made up if they needed to be; remember the “Clinton people stole all of the “W” keys from computers” claim that turned out to be totally false?

Anyway, Republicans were up in arms about possible issues from Gore violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits electioneering from public office. I remember some pretty ugly things being said about him during this time, because of “violating the sanctity of the office”.

Well, where are those Republicans now? The White House is admitting that it held meetings for Federal agency employees during 2006 and 2007 that were to discuss the electability of Republicans, and what their Federal agencies could do to help those Republicans.  This is a story that isn’t getting too much traction, but is another example of an IMPEACHABLE offense.  Right now, at least an Administrator of the GSA, Lurita Doan should be forced to resign for conducting a PowerPoint presentation to GSA employees about helping Republican candidates – and then having a “fuzzy memory” about the meeting, with just about the only thing she remembered was that there were cookies at the meeting.  Nice, eh?

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