Okay, so I’ve been working WAY too many hours and travelling for work way too much. As a result, I haven’t posted much on the blog, and have kept up even less. But on a layover in DFW, I saw this headline:

Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter

Okay, so that prompts a Scooby style “Rowr?” and I read on. The White House is pissed off because JIMMY CARTER IS TELLING THE TRUTH! Carter said that Bush’s style was dangerous to our nation and the world. He cited the preemptive strike against an unarmed country (Iraq).

So, the White House fires back with “Carter is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Irrelevant? Who, among ANYONE in this country, is entitled to judge a peer, than a former president? The living club sits at five, including the shrub in office now. If ANYONE has the right to judge a peer, it’s a living president.

Bush is becoming more and more isolated, and as such, irrelevant. The Democratic Congress needs to grow a backbone and stand up to him once and for all!

By walterh

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