This is simply incredible.  Head over to the latest embedded Olbermann video on RawStory and listen to him.  The man is, in a word, eloquent.

By walterh

One thought on “Olbermann on the Liar in Chief”
  1. Well done Mr. Olberman and peripheral props to the broadcaster for actually airing a deep, detailed, and passionate piece that is in league with the very best of broadcast journalism and opinion. We cannot allow the the GOP to further erode and pervert the Constitution or our mandate to be a shining beacon of hope and liberty to the world. This President is perhaps the only person on Earth who wouldn’t ask his father– who prosecuted a war in Iraq himself as President sometime in the past, remember(the GOP and MSM sure hope you don’t)–won’t even ASK his father for advice, observations, input of any kind. Seemingly won’t even consider it. To further illuminate the psychological dysfunction of this, consider that Bill Clinton himself–apparently a Lying Arch Devil Fornicator in the view of some– states unequivocally that if he were in W’s shoes, he’d immediately seek HW’s input. Hell, if Hugo Chavez were in W’s situation, he’d ask for HW’s input, too. The dam is gonna burst.

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