One of my favorite blogs to read is an airline traveller blog called “Today in the Sky” by a reporter at USA Today. One of the posts caught my eye today, titled,

Officials detain flier whose plastic bag had anti-TSA message

This was a bit scarey. Have an Anti TSA message, get hauled in by the authorities?. Very police-state, don’t you think?

But the best part of the blog entry was actually a comment. The poster “Yourconscience” wrote the following most eloquently:

It seems a pity that our rights to express ourselves have become eroded to the point that a simple comment about someone being an idiot results in acts of intimidation. How much of a reach is it to extend this to police dogs and fire hoses to prevent people from voting? I know the order of magnitude seems trifling, but it isn’t. What’s next? Maybe we will not be allowed to vote for third-party candidates because, after all, they have no chance to win!
Let’s start taking free speach seriously, or we just might lose it completely.

Well spoke, Yourconscience!

By walterh

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