There’s something to be said about Republicans having balls.  Figuratively, not literally.  When the report comes out that the war in Iraq has worsened the terrorism threat, immediately Dick Cheney comes out and says that Democrats are “soft on national security”.  I mean really.

Red flags went up for me Condoleezza Rice said that the Clinton Administration didn’t leave plans for dealing with al Queda.  Does she think we don’t read?  Does she think that we’re THAT stupid that we don’t look things up?  Or is she just stupid because BUSH’S ADMINISTRATION DIDN’T HEED A WORD OF CAUTION FROM CLINTON’S ADMINISTRATION?  It didn’t take long for to come up with the proof that Rice lied.  Did she forget that five days into her new job, Richard Clarke gave her a memo and plans, outlining the issue?

Republicans lie.  Constantly.  They make great revisionist historians, and I’d be willing to bet would be good poker players – except that you KNOW that you couldn’t trust them – ever.

By walterh

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